J.C 1.8.1949 – 11.9.09 (sep09)

Jim Carroll died on Friday at his desk at his place in Manhattan. He had a heart attack. Its very sad – there was word that he had finally finished the novel he had been working on for so long ‘The Petting Zoo’. i hope that that is the case and it is published posthumously. i loved Jim carroll’s poems and diaries – it wasnt exactly an originality that made him special – they called him the american rimbaud and he worshipped Frank o’hara – but it was the ferocious hard work that he put into his writing and his street-rat poetic that he sharpened and defined from an early age. his teen story is the great american coming of age story. well thats what i think.

read: ‘living at the movies’ or ‘forced entries’ or his most popular diary ‘the basketball diaries’
listen: ‘people who died’, ‘i want the angel’, ‘day&night’

There will always be a poem
I will climb on top of it and come
In and out of time,
Cocking my head to the side slightly,
As I finish shaking, melting then
Into its body, its soft skin
–Jim Carroll, “Poem”
from Void of Course (1998)


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