more news from the banx of the thames (oct09)

Away above a harborful

of caulkless houses

among the charley noble chimneypots

of a rooftop rigged with clotheslines

a woman pastes up sails

upon the wind

hanging out her morning sheets

with wooden pins

– L Ferlinghetti, ‘Pictures of the gone world

I am moved in to a new flat, 2 mins from the last, still moments from the river, w/ high ceilings and red carpets and walls made from some kind of crumbling biscuit..which has made hanging pictures a sport, but i am happy and have a desk that looks across to a church and a (now sadly closed down) legendary recording studio. the main room, we have turned into a workshop/studio with 3 long desks on trestles placed along three of the walls,its cold as we have no hot water or heating yet but i like sitting indoors wearing outdoor clothes and have a constant flow of hot drinks coming my way. there is a pet shop, book shop, film shop, betting shop, cafe and off license below so that is good.

I have been writing many new songs, i will be making recordings soon and in time will let you know my new plans.
Ages ago i wrote a piece for an anthology called Punk Fiction which was released thru portico ( im sure you can get it from their site) – like a fool i didn’t read the edits made after the proof read and there were some changes made so in time i will post the correct piece here. do buy the book though,it had a deal where the money went to a cancer charity.

I have also just written for a Berlin based journal. info here taken from Declan Rooney’s website:
Oh, Don’t Get Carried Away’

KP Poetry Journal Volume 1

September 2009

(A zine I am publishing with new commissioned work by Are Blytt, Stefano Calligaro, Hsiao Chen, Sujey Colon, Drawing Guts, Edward Eke, Edvine Larssen, Thurston Moore, Donata Rigg, Ama Saru, Antonio Serna and Susanne Winterling)
Declan is a great artist who works in many different mediums. Look at his

( connected side note: i have just found that my new neighbour downstairs is a one D.Rooney )

Some more news for you:

Next week i am doing a performance at the Serpentine Gallery.

It is part of the Serpentine Marathon series ( so far they have done ‘Interview marathon’ ‘ Experiment marathon’ and ‘manifesto marathon’) .
This year is the poetry marathon and i am collaborating w/ the great Jonas Mekas and Benn Northover.



We are doing a performance of Jonas’ work ‘Requiem for the 20th Century’. We are in the process of working out how to present it, will update shortly.

Also, for those of you in New York Citie

signing out singing,


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