1. Caruso – Addio Dolce Svegliare, La Boheme
2. E.S.G – UFO
3. Matmos – The Banjo’s Categorical Gut
4. Pavement – Stereo
5. Haunted Graffiti – Every Night i Die at Miyagis
6. Fever Ray/Fuck Buttons – If i Had a Heart
7. Johnny Otis – Poison Ivy
8. Faust – The Sad Skinhead
9. Can – Mushroom
10. Atlas Sound – River Card
11. John Cale – Heartbreak Hotel
12. Bullion – Young Heartache
13. Arthur Russell – Let’s go swimming

Download HERE


Les Blank – Burden of Dreams HERE

Clare Denis – Beau Travail HERE

Aki Kaurismaki – Ariel HERE


Henry Miller – The Time of The Assassins HERE ( life changer alert!!!!)

Roberto Bolano – Godzilla in Mexico
Listen carefully, my son: bombs were falling
over Mexico City
but no one even noticed.
The air carried poison through
the streets and open windows.
You’d just finished eating and were watching
cartoons on TV.
I was reading in the bedroom next door
when I realized we were going to die.
Despite the dizziness and nausea I dragged myself
to the kitchen and found you on the floor.
We hugged. You asked what was happening
and I didn’t tell you we were on death’s program
but instead that we were going on a journey,
one more, together, and that you shouldn’t be afraid.
When it left, death didn’t even
close our eyes.
What are we? you asked a week or year later,
ants, bees, wrong numbers
in the big rotten soup of chance?
We’re human beings, my son, almost birds,
public heroes and secrets.


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