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Poems at Nth Position

Online poetry, politics, and art digest, Nth Position, have published two poems of mine this month. The poems are from 2009 and both written on the Atlantic coast.

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Iz it u??


 What is it in these mutant shallows that prickles

and throbs?    In the swelling moss of air, the 

soil morning,  smoking  itself  outwards, peated?

What is it in this stew, this union of sweet rot

and loneliness that is itching out a fine rhythm

of chaff and burn? 

I hear crying in the dog heap. Now angels 

reside in the summer dustbins.

What is that?  —-                         


What are these atmospheres of church coat?

I feel the end of the lane trickling away from

the house, waves of incense leaving the cliff


I am not in control of the departed.

What is it spreading out on the lawn, reaching

from the smoldering brush?   The  pounding

heat, shade of brick, loaf of shale and calcite.

I am losing my — out here, I —

What is it?


Oil of the eye, dark curdling, sections of sky seem to

bleed down, irrigating the dust, birthing clusters

of finger grit that will remain for days:  Little histories.

I am on the floor I realise.

By the water, white fish rap and writhe on ink 

rock; the sound snaps in the night and finds me 

at hyper-speed,  eyes: sheer and ghastly.


In the morning I walk along lanes that buzz and 

sway. Wind, flora —  colluding and computing vague

murmurs on the cusp of the earth.      Bully.

Suffocate lacuna — dried spittle and discharge.

Stuck in womb, blood is brown.

Snakeroot, bugwort, rattle weed.


Why is that when I read the tide times I feel as

if something other is being transmitted?

As if my circumstance is being mapped out for

me, out in the Atlantic weather.

The Delinquent

The Delinquent have kindly published three of my poems in the latest issue. All three are part of my diary/poem cycle Shoreline:50 fragments at the end of a decade which is part of an exhibition to be staged later in the year. More news on that as it comes in….

You can buy the magazine HERE