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sleepless nights in berlin

Jonas presents his filmPeter Sempel was there making the third part to his trilogy of films about JonasHe carries hundreds of filmposters and hand made postcards with himFlorian Kremb in the nightSempel with this great guy Denisas Kolomyckis who is a young performance artist from Vilnius, and this girl who carried a flute with her everywhere and played it in bars and restaurantsSebastian Mekas in the nightwith peter,jonas and benn northover in the nightwatching Bruce Baillie’s ‘All my Life’which P Adams Sitney presented as his perfect short filmJonas, always filming….



Episode 2

In Episode 2 we meet Rabbaney, a fashion designer and a muslim. And Radford, a musician/composer and a buddhist. Recorded in Cafe Heimito in Vienna next door to a Cathedral, the two men talk about life, death, vocation and the whimsy of love.

Episode 1

All The Right Noises is a series of interviews I have conducted with members of the public in bars, friends in their flats and (in a later episode) shamed politicians in fetish shops.

Here in episode 1 we meet Aaron. He is a gardener and wants to see the northern lights.